Small Group FAQ

What is a Small Group?

Small Groups are groups of eight to twelve individuals or five to six couples who meet in someone’s home for fellowship, prayer, and learning. They are open groups until they reach 12 members at which time the group commitments to meet together for 12-24 months before they multiply and open up to new members again.

Are all Small Groups the same?

The short answer: No. Each group will have it’s own personality. We have some groups just for women or just for men. But in any group you go to, the central component is building relationships with others. So whatever stage of life you find yourself in, our groups welcome you and it is great to learn from others at all ages and stages of life.

Why should I join a Small Group

Here are four very important reasons.

  • You’ll begin to feel like you’re part of God’s family, and not just a face in the crowd.
  • You’ll be able to handle stress and pressure better. Life comes with its challenges but it can be more joyfully experienced when done with others.
  • Prayer will become more meaningful for you. Plus, your friends will be praying for you and with you.
  • You’ll begin to understand the Bible better in a Small Group. There’s nothing like the chance to ask questions and learn from other people’s experiences.

How often do Small Groups meet?

Most of our groups meet weekly for a time period of about 90 minutes.

How long does a typical Small Group stay together?

Our groups are ongoing. That is, they don’t do a particular study and then disband. The goal is to include others, commit to the members in the group for a time period of anywhere between 12-24 months, then multiply your group in order to include more and more people in Christian community.

What happens at a Small Group Meeting?

Every group is different but there are some common denominators. The central component is building relationships so there will be a time just for hanging out, talking about the week and what’s going on in life. All groups have a time of learning as well. Usually the material is something very relevant to the members of the group. It may be the study of the Book of the bible, or a study dealing with stress or parenting from a biblical perspective. Our groups are designed to encourage discussion and engage each person in the process. And then our groups have an opportunity to pray for each other during each meeting.

Where do Small Groups meet?

Most of our groups meet in homes. Our short term groups such as the Men’s and Women’s group gather at the church. (note : there are home based women’s groups as well)

What if I don't like the first group I try?

We encourage people to give the group you try a few visits. Anytime you’re trying something new, it may need to grow on you. In addition, it may take a couple of times to begin to feel like you’re in the right place. But at the same time, we want you to find a group that fits you! So don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if you don’t feel really good about the group you try. We always celebrate with someone when they try a group on for size because at the very least – it could mean there will be 6-10 more faces you recognize on the weekend. We are here to help so just call the office at 607-785-8579.

Can I start my own group?

We love it when people are interested in leading or hosting a group of their own. Please contact to schedule a meeting and learn more.