• 75% of givers committed towards the initiative
  • With those commitments, we have met nearly $1.6 million of our $1.85 million goal
  • Enough commitments have already been fulfilled to allow us to break ground this Spring on our exterior renovations and elevator addition!

Dear Friends,

In 2021 God did something that He’s never done before at New Life. We came together to make the largest sacrificial commitment that we have ever made in our 153 year history as a church.

God is building this ministry “From The Ground Up” and He is using you to do it.

In late 2020 our Board and I decided that it was time for us to move forward with a major renovation project. It had become clear to us that God wants us here on the Northside of Endicott. This is where He has planted us, and this facility will be our base of operations as we grow and expand in the years to come.

When we approached the congregation, I knew that we’d each have to pray and hear from God about what to give. The people of New Life prayed, and God answered in a big way!

New Lifers have pledged $1.6 Million of the $1.85 Million needed. Now I am confident that we will be able to do the most essential upgrades to prepare us for future growth. I am also confident that the Lord can even supply the remainder needed in these next two years.

It is the faith of God’s people that has encouraged me most throughout this project.

In a time when our nation and culture are so deeply divided, God’s church at New Life is united! The overwhelming response to From The Ground Up has far exceeded “all we can ask or imagine.” My mentor told me that if 30% of regular givers make a commitment to From The Ground Up, that would be good. 40% would be outstanding. New Lifers blew away the statistics with about 75% of regular givers making a sacrificial commitment. WOW!

Thank you for being willing to give sacrificially!

This Spring when we break ground it will be a huge celebration and a sign of what’s to come. God is not done with this neighborhood or this community. He’s just getting started.

We are putting down roots into Jesus Christ as a community of faith. And by renovating our facility we’ll show the community that we are putting down roots right in this neighborhood

Pastor Joe