• Our engineering firm has created detailed plans of our building, and we are finalizing designs for the exterior and new lobbies.
  • An elevator has been chosen and our building and grounds have been tested for appropriate conditions
  • Weekly meetings with our contractor continue, thoroughly detailing every step of the project

Dear Friends,

Thank you for being a church with big faith.

After all we’ve been through these past two years, it’s tempting for us to huddle up and “regroup”. But we know that the time to act is now. We’re moving forward in faith.

We’re attempting something really bold by remodeling our exterior and adding an elevator before “the dust has settled” from COVID. Some would say that’s crazy. By God’s power, we’re doing it.

Why? Thousands of souls in our community don’t have a church home. We need to renovate the one we’ve got, getting ready to welcome them in Endicott before we expand even further. We want to be able to provide them with a fresh and modern building with easy access to all three levels. Our lobbies and common areas will scream, “We’ve prepared for your arrival!”

Soon they will.

Here’s how your sacrificial giving is propelling this project forward:

  • The engineering firm has made detailed plans of every inch of our facility, thoroughly evaluating our building and preparing plans around its strengths and limitations
  • Testing has been done on our building as well as our soil to ensure appropriate conditions for the elevator shaft
  • We’ve chosen an elevator that will allow ample room for people and cargo
  • We’re finalizing the designs for the exterior and new lobbies on all three levels
  • Our weekly meetings with our contractor continue, mapping out each step of the project

Soon, the whole church and community will be able to see tangible progress.

God-willing, we’ll be breaking ground on this project in early Summer!

Thank you for giving so generously toward From The Ground Up. Together we are making a brighter future for all who will hear about Jesus through the ministry of New Life.

Proud to be your Pastor,

Joe Wickman