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Welcome to The Christmas Journey Audition Registration!

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for our 2019 Christmas Production; The Christmas Journey;

‘Before their journey began on the road to Bethlehem; before the gifts of three wisemen, the song of angels singing praises in a field full of shepherds, and the birth of a Child destined to change the world; a love story began.  Combined with the music from the band Journey, we get to embark on our own journey, experiencing how Mary and Joseph fell in love; the nervousness Mary felt after being told she had been chosen to be the mother of the messiah; the fear, confusion and anger Joseph battled with in hearing that the love of his life was pregnant; and through it all, how they both stayed faithful to God and never stopped believing in His plan.  This is the story that preceded the greatest love story ever told; this is their Christmas Journey.’

The Christmas Journey Character Descriptions

Pa – Katarina’s dad, Kyle and Karra’s Grandfather.  Visiting from Italy, thick accent, loving, attentive, educated.  He tells the Christmas Journey story.
Katarina – Kyle and Karra’s mom.  She’s a single mom, a Master of Baking, who loves listening to her father tell the Christmas story.
Karra (singing) – 16 years old.  Over all a “good kid”.  She’s inquisitive and easily annoyed with her little brother.
Kyle – 12 years old.  Loves Christmas, a goofball, charismatic.  Inquisitively listens to Pa’s story. Loves harassing his big sister.
Joseph (singing)– Coming back into town from being an apprentice to his Uncle Tad, a carpenter, who has passed away.  No family.  Wants to settle down, live a simple life.
Benjamin (singing)– Joseph’s friend.  Married to Hannah, who is expecting their first child.  He dotes on her.  Mary’s best friend.  Take’s Joseph in until Joseph can rebuild his house.
Mary (singing) – loves her family, living her life to the best of her ability, stands up for what is right, no matter the cost, opinionated, submissive
Ana – Mary’s little sister, 12 years old.  Opinionated, just like Mary.  Mary’s shadow.  Adores her sister more than any.  Is the most wounded by Mary’s pregnancy
Ema – Mary’s mother.  Very strong Jewish wife.  Nothing gets passed her.  She expects the best from her children at all times but loves them dearly.
Savta (singing) – Mary’s Grandmother.  Sassy, tells it like it is.  Loves her family.  Respect runs deep.  She is very close with Mary.
Aviram – Mary’s Father.  Educated, loving, stern, but only when necessary.  Would die for his family.
Seth – Mary’s older brother, 19 years old.  Learning to be a good Jewish boy and provider.  He’s quiet but pays attention to everything around him.
Hannah – Mary’s best friend, wife of Benjamin.  She’s pregnant with her and Benjamin’s first born.  Loves Benjamin and adores Mary.  Very sweet, happy, wouldn’t say anything to offend anyone.
Old Woman – Sells roses in the market to feed her children.  Lost her husband recently.  She is being harassed by the Tax collector.
Old Woman’s Daughter (NS)– 10 years old.  Her mother, the old woman, sell roses.|
Centurion (NS) – the Tax Collectors right hand in harassing people who don’t pay their taxes.
Tax collector – Tries to take the Old Woman’s daughter as payment for back taxes.  Arrogant, entitled.
Shem (singing) – baker.  Aviram’s best friend.  Honorable, kind.  Is Aviram’s deputy when negotiating the terms of Mary and Joseph’s betrothal
Farmer (NS)– sells fruit in the market
Rabbi – betroths Mary and Joseph
Gabriel – Messenger of God who tells Mary and Joseph that Mary is going to be giving birth to the Son of God
Zachariah (NS) – Elizabeth’s husband.  Mute.  Funny.
Elizabeth (singing) -Mary’s cousin.  Loving, kind, a kindred spirit.  She understands what Mary is going through.  She is wise.

The Christmas Journey Song list:

  • “Wheel in the Sky” – Joseph
  • *“Lights” (a’capella) – Joseph
  • *“Open Arms” – (a’capella) – Mary
  • “When you Love a Woman” – Benjamin / Joseph
  • “Any Way You Want It” – Shem / Benjamin
  • “Ask the Lonely” – Savta
  • “Patiently” – Joseph
  • “Something to Hide” Joseph
  • “Separate Ways” – Joseph
  • *“After the Fall” (a’capella) – Elizabeth / Mary
  • “Send Her My Love” – Joseph
  • “Faithfully” – Joseph / Mary

Rehearsals will be every Wednesday, beginning with our read through on September 4th – you will be receiving a full schedule with your script on September 4th.

Show dates this year:

  • 6 pm Thursday, December 12th
  • 6 pm Friday, December 13th
  • 6 pm Saturday, December 14th

We have two different days available for you to audition.  Auditions will take place in the Worship Center at New Life:

  • Wednesday, June 5th beginning at 5pm
  • Sunday, June 9th beginning at 1pm.

Audition Requirements:

  1. You must attend New Life Ministries Church.
  2. Ages 14 and up are welcome.
  3. Monologues MUST be memorized. (see PDF below)
  4. Please perform your monologue using comedy AND drama.
  5. Singers; please prepare an a’capella version of a verse and chorus of your favorite Journey
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