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Welcome to “Whispers” Band & Cast Audition Registration!

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the Whispers band and/or cast!
Please go through the information below and sign up to audition at the bottom of the page.

Show Description:

Nick and Victoria are bound by addiction, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts because they don’t believe they are worthy of forgiveness due to a choice that was made 10 years before; an abortion. Evil is constantly whispering dark lies into our hearts trying to block out the light of the truth; but Jesus gave us the gift of His Holy Spirit who whispers blinding truth, terrifying the darkness. Together, they learn that despite everything, through the blood of Jesus Christ, they can be redeemed.

This original musical is inspired by music from the band, Skillet. You will hear songs like:
 “Hero”
 “Falling Inside the Black”
 “Whispers in the Dark”

AND two original songs, written by Mitch Vestel and Leah McCoy:
 “Darkness In Me”
 “Can’t Stop Spinning”

Due to adult themes, this show is not recommended for children.

Show Dates

  • FRIDAY, APRIL 30 at 7PM
  • SATURDAY, MAY 1 at 7PM

Character Descriptions:

NICK LARSON (singing) – 30-35 years old; has been with Victoria for over 10 years; can’t stand Victoria’s family; lives life day by day; feels belittled and unappreciated by Victoria; after Victoria had an abortion, 10 years ago, he began to numb life’s hardships by self-medicating

VICTORIA BAXTER (singing) – 30-35 years old; has been with Nick for over 10 years; tries to be the perfect girlfriend and pretends that everything is O.K.; her family does not approve of Nick or their lifestyle; she has a steady job as a manager of a bar; she struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts after having an abortion 10 years ago

PHILIP BAXTER – Victoria’s father; narcissistic; emotionally abusive to his wife, Bonnie; very religious, throws the bible in Nick and Victoria’s face

BONNIE BAXTER – Victoria’s mother; manipulative; condescending; very submissive and will throw her own children under the bus to save face with her husband

CHRIS BAXTER – Victoria’s older brother; married to Emily; Jason is his son; successful businessman; took over his dad’s insurance business; condescending to his wife to impress his father

EMILY BAXTER – Chris’s submissive wife; always needing validation from her overly critical mother-in-law Bonnie; agreeable with everyone; always smiling; closet alcoholic

JASON BAXTER – Chris and Emily’s 16-year-old son, spoiled, disrespectful

GRANNY MAEVE (singing) – Phil’s mother; Victoria’s grandmother; very close with Victoria; loves her family;  is heartbroken they all don’t get along;  quiet but calls it like she sees it; encourages them to go to church with her.

PASTOR GRAYSON (singing) – Granny Maeve’s Pastor; has a impactful redemptions story he shares with Victoria and Nick

CHOIR – 10 – 12 people; minimum of 15 years old

LUCY – 10-year-old girl; Nick and Victoria’s aborted daughter, who dances in the presence of Jesus


  • SEPTEMBER 26 at 12PM : Readthrough
    • All cast and band required.
  • OCTOBER – APRIL : Rehearsals
    • BAND and SINGERS (as needed) will be scheduled once per month on Saturdays beginning OCTOBER 10th, 12pm-3pm. All BAND members must attend the monthly Saturday rehearsals, only SINGERS scheduled must attend Saturday rehearsals.
    • DRAMA rehearsals will be on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 beginning JANUARY 12th. Drama rehearsals will shift to Tuesdays AND Thursdays in MARCH. Only actors scheduled need to attend these rehearsals. 
    • Thursday, APRIL 29 at 7PM
    • Friday, APRIL 30 at 7PM
    • Saturday, MAY 1 at 7PM
View the Whispers Rehearsal Schedule 2020-2021

*All band members and actors must commit to ALL rehearsals and ALL shows, and agree to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal. Look over the rehearsal schedule. If you know you cannot attend a specific rehearsal, please discuss it prior to or at auditions.

Band Auditions


We are looking for guitar, violin, cello, and keyboard.

Band Auditions will take place in the Worship Center at New Life Ministries SATURDAY, AUGUST 29th. You will sign up for a specific time slot via the registration form.

  • Guitar: 10 am – 12 pm
  • Violin & Cello: 12 pm – 2 pm
  • Keyboard: 2 pm – 4 pm

Band Audition Requirements:

  • Ages 13 and up.
  • All band members are required to play to a click.
  • All band members must own their own in-ears.
  • Bring your instrument and rig – if applicable.
  • Songs:
    • Guitar: Whispers in the dark at 94 BPM
    • Strings: Rebirthing at 88 BPM
    • Keys: Falling Inside the Black at 92 BPM

*Musicians will play the song once all the way through with the original backing track, and then set to the click only. The track will be played through floor monitors. If you have any questions, please email our Music Director Mitch Vestel at Mitch@newlifefm.com.

Register to Audition for the Band

Cast Auditions


Cast Auditions will take place in the Worship Center at New Life Ministries SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th and SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th. You will sign up for a specific time slot via the registration form.

Cast Audition Requirements:

  • Ages 10 and up.
  • Actor monologues MUST be memorized.  (see PDFs below)
  • Singers; please prepare to sing the first verse and chorus, in the original key of “Whispers in the Dark”.  Backing tracks will be provided.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJZDvcvK-Xs

If you have any questions, please email our Dramatic Arts Director Leah McCoy at Leah@newlifefm.com.

Whispers Adult Monologue

Whispers Ages 10-18 Monologue

Register to Audition for the Cast