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Classes & Seminars


Becoming a partner at New Life Ministries is more than a formality. 
This class is meant to help you decide if you’re ready to commit to being an active part of New Life. In our four sessions, we will cover:
  • What is A New Life Partner? 
  • What is New Life’s Story? 
  • What Does New Life Believe?
  • What is New Life All About?
At the end of this four-week course you will have the opportunity to decide your next step on the Pathway to Partnership.
This course will run for four weeks on Mondays from 6:30pm-8pm, starting March 8th, 2021, in-person and online.

Focused Groups


Sign up to join our Women’s Divorce Care group, lead by Rachael Lawler.


Sign up to join our seasonal group, Divorce Care for Men, lead by Rick Brush.


Sign up to join our focused group, Greif Care, lead by Kaye Colwell.


Sign up to join our focused group, Hope for Hurting Parents, lead by Marissa Schweiger. This support group will meet the second Tuesday of every month

at 5:30pm

, on our lower level in Conference Room 1.

This ministry seeks to help hurting parents learn to navigate through their situations, love life, hold onto faith and hope in God, as well as learn to thrive again.

We mentor parents who are in pain from witnessing the destructive decisions of their teen-to-adult children; this would include addictions of any kind, self injury, imprisonment, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, panic attacks, depression, estrangement/emancipation, sexual identity issues, pornography, mental illness, cutting, suicidal thoughts/tendencies, and any other problem areas. We are not professional counselors, nor do we aim to “fix” your child. We are simply parents who have “been there” and wish to help other parents who are hurting, and in need of support during the struggles their children are facing. We seek to provide a safe place for parents to share, while encouraging and providing resources and tools to gain strength and a new perspective.

Upcoming Events

First Tuesday

Monthly, 7pm.

Come worship, take communion, and be part of community prayer in both groups or privately.

New to New Life Night

Thursday, 2.25 at 6:30pm

A night to get to know New Life staff and what we are about! This special event is meant for folks who are new to New Life or want to know more about us and our many ministries. Learn where you can get involved, what Next Step is right for you, and meet the teams. *No pre-registration required.

Ongoing Adult Ministry Groups

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