It’s not a show…

It’s an interactive experience for the whole family!

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FamJam! is our original, FREE,  1-hour stage experience full of drama, dancing, and singing, meant to engage whole families into God’s Big Story. It is a completely interactive and shared experience for the entire family and takes place one Friday a month from January through May (this year, we will have a special premiere in October of 2019!). Our goal is the same as all of our other Family Ministries: to partner with parents to create a foundation of faith. We provide each family with a FamJam! Take-Home so that parents can help their kids apply what we learn at FamJam! at home —where it matters most! Together we can help our families grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship.

Parents FAQ

Is child care provided during FamJam! experiences?2019-08-08T16:35:54+00:00

The short answer, no.  FamJam! is designed to be a shared experience for the entire family.  We are encouraging families to come and sit together – they’ll be lot’s of interaction between kids and parents!

Does FamJam! have an entrance fee?2019-08-08T16:36:42+00:00

No!  FamJam! is absolutely free for the community to attend.

Is FamJam! just for children?2019-08-08T16:38:37+00:00

No way! Just as the name says, FAMjam! is designed for the entire family and we include just enough adult humor to keep everyone entertained. We believe that through the shared experience of FamJam! families will have tons to laugh and talk about after the show.

When and where does FamJam! happen?2019-08-08T16:41:09+00:00

FamJam! is a once a month production, from January through May. On the third Friday of each month at 7:00 pm, we open up our worship center at New Life Ministries for the experience. For October of 2019, we are having a special premiere expereince!

Pastor Dana Weseman

Family Ministries Pastor and FamJam! Director