KIDstuf is the place where elementary-aged kids take their parents and learn together about godly virtues! It’s so much more than a show – it’s an interactive experience for the whole family!

KIDstuf is our original, FREE,  1-hour stage production full of drama, dancing, and singing, meant to engage whole families into God’s Big Story. It is a completely interactive and shared experience for families and takes place one Friday a month from September through May. Because our goal is to partner with parents, we launch the virtue that K–5th graders are learning all month long in UpStreet, one of our Children’s Ministries. We also provide each family with a KidStuf Take-Home so that parents can help their kids apply the virtue at home —where it matters most! Together we can help kids grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship.
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Miss Dana is our KIDstuf Coordinator.  Watch her explain how KIDstuf can benefit you, your children and your family, and learn why you should be at our next show!

Parents FAQ

Is child care provided during KIDstuf shows?2017-11-30T20:28:26+00:00

The short answer, no.  KIDstuf is designed to be a shared experience for the entire family.  We have designed an area called “the pit” in front of the stage. This is where children Kindergarten through 5th grade are welcome to dance and enjoy the show, or they can always enjoy the show while sitting with their parents.   If children younger than kindergarten wish to enjoy the show from “the pit” they must be accompanied by a parent.

Is there an entrance fee for the KIDstuf shows?2017-11-30T12:06:00+00:00

No!  KIDstuf is absolutely free for the community to attend.

Are KIDstuf shows just for children?2017-11-30T20:31:46+00:00

No! KIDstuf is designed for the entire family and we include just enough adult humor to keep the entire family entertained. We believe that through the shared experience of KIDstuf families will have tons to laugh and talk about after the show.

When and where are KIDstuf shows?2017-11-30T20:34:57+00:00

KIDstuf shows are a once a month production, on the second Friday of each month at 7:00 pm in the worship center at New Life Ministries.  The KIDstuf season runs September through May.  The KIDstuf Team takes the summer off encouraging all families to enjoy summer and family time.