At MERGE, we want to fuel a teen’s passion for Christ, and we do that by getting excited about Jesus. Our Mission is to MERGE the home & church as one, in order to build a foundation for Christ that goes beyond high school years.

IGNITE THE PASSION | MERGE is geared to speak directly to the hearts of students, helping them experience a wonder for who God is, discovery of who He created them to be, and passion for loving others.  We do this through energetic worship experiences, Christ-centered small groups, transformational retreats, and life-changing short-term trips.

As a teen, joining MERGE is one of the best decisions you will ever make! It’s designed to provide you with amazing friendships, unforgettable memories, and help you find and question God, all while growing in a deeper relationship with Him. MERGE is the “last stop” before Big Church upstairs – and stepping into adulthood can present some of the most challenging times towards our faith. But no matter what age, Jesus is the same. We believe that if a teen’s passion for Christ is sparked, MERGE can help fuel that passion, not just for high school days, but for a lifetime.

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OUR CURRICULUM2020-06-25T19:47:36-04:00

Every Sunday, our goal is the same: fuel faithful passion for Christ. But Sunday isn’t enough. We can’t accomplish this goal without help form home. We base our practices off of The Orange Theory, by Rethink.

The idea behind Orange is combining the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red) together, creating ORANGE. We draw specifically from XP3, which is focused on connecting with teens.

XP3 Curriculum Basic Truths

  • I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my creator
  • I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what he says
  • I exist every day to demonstrate Gods love to a broken world
WHAT TEENS CAN EXPECT2020-06-25T19:45:58-04:00
    Each service kicks off with live worship to create an engaging experience.
    Worship is followed by a focused message that’s delivered in a relatable way to our students.
  • Small Group Discussion
    We finish our hour with small group discussion, so teens can connect with other students their age. Each small group is divided by gender and led by an appointed small group leader.
CHECK-IN AND DISMISSAL2020-06-25T19:48:09-04:00

We place the student’s safety highest on our priority list, so we ask that initially a parent check their teen in so we can fill out contact information and release forms.  After that, students are welcome to check themselves in.  We also dismiss students at the end of the service to connect with parents on their own.

SERVICE TIMES & LOCATION2023-08-28T13:37:39-04:00

MERGE meets during all of our Sunday services at 9 and 10:30am. We are located in the lower level Student Ministry area, directly under the Worship Center.

Katie Foster, Student Ministry Director

[email protected]

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