Upstreet is our weekend environment where elementary-aged kids learn to trust God, make wise choices, and build lasting friendships.

On Upstreet, we believe the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud, and good leaders always care.

Most kids form their entire idea of who God is, and whether or not they will have a relationship with Him, before leaving 5th grade.  That is why we make the most out of each hour we have with your kids. At Upstreet, your child will be partnered with caring Small Group Leaders to guide them as they experience energetic worship, a dynamic story with a weekly bottom line, as well as a monthly bible verse and virtue to apply to their everyday life.  We then partner with the parents to continue each lesson, story, virtue and bottom line into the week at home. To do this, we provide resources to help lead your kids spiritually:

God Time Cards and Parent Cue Cards are just some of the resources we offer to help bring your child’s faith alive at home. It is an exciting way to have devotional time with God, while also enjoying fun activities with the family. These are sent home with your children at the beginning of the month. What’s better than that? If your child brings the God Time Cards in at the end of the month they can earn a prize!

Connection Card

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Parents FAQ

What if my child has food allergies?2020-08-10T19:46:49-04:00

We take great care to make sure our leaders are aware of your child’s food allergies. We ask parents about allergies at check in and then provide brightly colored labels to indicate allergies to our leaders.

Are my children safe when attending Upstreet?2021-06-17T20:00:45-04:00

Yes. At New Life, protecting those placed in our care is our top priority.  Here are some safety factors we have in place to help ease your mind.

  • Background Checks
    We run a background check and screen every volunteer serving in Family Ministries through Protect My Ministry + Elexio.
  • Paging System
    We provide every child & parent with a paging number.  This randomly generated number is assigned to your child at check-in, and then parents are given a copy of the same number. This number must be shown to our Safety Team to gain entry into Upstreet.  In the event that your child needs you while you are attending the worship service, the number assigned to your child will appear on the screens in the Worship Center to notify you.
  • Upstreet is a secure, locked environment once service begins.

What is The Orange Theory?

At New Life, our Family Ministries strive to partner with parents to help create a foundation of faith in children and teens that lasts a lifetime. This partnership strategy is based on the Orange philosophy, by Rethink. By combining the love of the church (yellow), with the heart of the home (red), then together (orange) we can create a dynamic influence in the spiritual lives of children and students. We believe that God designed Moms and Dads to be the primary influence in their kids’ lives, especially spiritually, and we aim to leverage the power of Mom and Dad, not replace it.

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